June 2019 Sitting Schedule

June 2: Sangetsu Sensei’s talk is, “Doin’ the 108.”

Dylan will receive his mala beads in the 108 Ceremony that evening.

June 9: Daiji’s Precept talk is, “Not Discussing Other’s Errors or Faults.”

Afterwards, we’ll ruthlessly critique his presentation.

June 16: Sangetsu Sensei’s talk is, “The Precepts as a Moral Compass.”

June 23: Getsuki’s Precept talk is, “Not Misusing Intoxicants.”

June 30: Daisetsu will be speaking about the Precept of Not Speaking Ill of the Three Treasures

Reminder: At the July 6 ZCB Zazenkai, Nick and Keith will be receiving their rakusus in a Jukai Ceremony. Sensei Seiryu Blackman will be the Preceptor. Please support our Dharma brothers with your attendance. For those interested in carpooling, please let Sensei know.


Beach Boy Bodhisattva.

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